Saturday, July 20, 2013

Club Manager Resources for All Kinds of Clubs

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General Resources for Club Mangers

If you are a club manager, you might find these resources helpful:
Here are software companies that provide solutions to various types of clubs. (Let us know if you want us to include your company on this list.)

Athletic Clubs and Gyms

Software to manage membership, billing, courts, facilities, equipment, and other tools for Gyms, Fitness Clubs, Athletic Clubs, and other Leisure Industry Clubs. Some industry folks call this Leisure Software.

Health and Fitness Resources

Looking for helpful information about keeping healthy and fit? Check out our Health and Fitness Experts website for everything you need to know about diet, nutrition and exercise.
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Golf and Country Clubs

Club management software for Golf Clubs and Country Clubs.

Enterprise Size Software for Hotels, Restaurants, Venues, Clubs, and Corporate Offices

Hospitality, leisure, and facilities software and technology for large companies.

Yacht and Boat Clubs

Other Types of Clubs